I’ve seen some of my favorite blogs make top 10 ship lists so I decided to make one. I’m probably forgetting some and I’ll most likely change it later but he’s my first try at it…

10. Victor and Sierra- Dollhouse
9. Willow and Tara- BTVS
8. Fred and Wesley- Angel
7. Chandler and Monica- Friends
6. Zoe and Wash- Firefly
5. JD and Turk- Scrubs
4. Troy and Abed- Community
3. April and Andy- Parks and Recreation
2. Chuck and Sarah- Chuck
1. Jim and Pam- The Office

Honorable Mentions:
Mac and Dennis- It’s Always Sunny
Cordelia and Angel- Angel
Buffy and Angel- BTVS
Red and Kitty Foreman- That 70’s Show

Like I said, I feel like I’m missing some. It’ll probably come to me later like “wtf, how did I forget them?”
This is also excluding movies.

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  • Posted: 28 July 2014